About Us

IntelliChoice Energy (ICE) is a leader in the development of advanced HVAC technology and is instrumental in the commercialization of cutting-edge heating and cooling products. ICE develops technology that takes advantage of the energy-efficient properties natural gas offers and provides application engineering, training, and customer support services. ICE has worked on natural gas cooling GHP projects with the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to create more energy efficient gas cooling products. ICE is the exclusive distributor of the NextAireâ„¢ GHP product line for North America. This line includes the commercially available 8-ton and 15-ton Multi-zone GHPs and the 11-ton Packaged GHP.

IntelliChoice's development of energy efficient technology and leadership in the heating and cooling industry has won IntelliChoice several awards for the company as well as the 11-ton Packaged Gas Heat Pump specifically. These awards include:

2007 - ESC Partnership Award for Innovative Energy Solutions from the Energy Solutions Center

2010 - National Society of Professional Engineers New Product Award for the 11-ton Packaged Gas Heat Pump

2011 - R&D 100 Award for the 11-ton Packaged Gas Heat Pump for Innovation in Technology

In addition to holding industry awards, Intellichoice Energy are members of the following associations:
NAIOP, AHRI, ACCA, ASHRAE, The Arizona Contractors Association, Cypress LTD, FNGA, AGA, and Natural Gas.


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