Unleashing the Power of Revolutionary Technology

A new era in heating and cooling technology has dawned and IntelliChoice Energy is leading the way with the revolutionary NextAire Multi-zone Gas Heat Pump. This next-generation GHP delivers unmatched energy efficiency, outstanding environmental advantages and substantial energy cost savings over traditional electric HVAC systems.

The NextAire 8-ton and 15-ton Multi-zone GHPs are designed for the high ambient temperatures of the desert Southwest. Engineered to provide a new benchmark of excellence in heating and cooling, the GHP uses up to 80% less electricity compared to traditional electric HVAC systems. Its efficiency is further enhanced when the unit captures and uses waste heat from the engine to supplement space heating, setting it apart from conventional electric heat pumps which are impractical during the colder seasons.
Ideally suited for commercial and large residential applications, the NextAire™ 8-ton and 15-ton Multi-zone GHPs are now available in the Southern United States.
Along with the Multi-zone GHPs, NextAire™ offers an 11-ton Packaged Gas Heat Pump (PGHP). A 2010 National Society of Professional Engineers – Professional Engineers in Industry New Product Award winner, this unit is suited for retrofit and new construction applications on commercial structures. In 2011, IntelliChoice Energy was awarded with the prestigious R&D 100 Award for the 11-ton PGHP for its innovation in technology. The award widely recognized as the "Oscars of Innovation", identifies and celebrates the top high technology products of the year. Sophisticated testing equipment, innovative new materials, chemistry breakthroughs, biomedical products, consumer items, high-energy physics: the R&D 100 Awards spans industry, academia, and government-sponsored research. The NextAire™ 11-ton PGHP will bring energy efficiency, outstanding environment advantages and impressive energy cost savings to building owners and operators. Using natural gas as its primary fuel, the NextAire™ PGHP lowers energy cost and enables businesses to avoid high demand kW and time-of-use rates.
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